9 Ways to Stir Up One Another

Sunday we were in Hebrews 10:19-25. We talked about some ways that we can stir up one another through our actions. Here are the 9 things mentioned:

  1. Come to the gathering ready to stir up and encourage. Ask yourself, "Who today can I love and encourage when I walk in the doors?"

  2. Pray for the gathering on your drive to the building. Pray for whoever is preaching, for musicians, pray for child care workers (twice), pray for everything that will go on. 

  3. Come early and stay late. We don’t show up to Star Wars late. I show up an hour early in a Chewbacca onesie. We don’t get to anything else late.

  4. Seek out people to greet that you don’t know. Invite people to sit with you. Each week try to get to know someone new.

  5. Seek out friends and give them a word of encouragement or pray with them for their upcoming week. Make it your goal each week to pray with someone before leaving.

  6. Do acts of service even when you aren’t scheduled to serve- and when you are scheduled show up and serve with a smile.

  7. Go sit with someone who is sitting by themselves. Or find a family with a bunch of kids and offer to help them.

  8. Sing! Paul tells us in his epistles that we sing in order to build each other up. We are careful that our content is true. But we want the way we sing to demonstrate the truth of it, too. Enjoy it. Raised hands are ok.

  9. Be an active listener for the preacher. Some of you do this really well. Amen’s are ok. Woo. Whatever.

What would you add?